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Lyrics by Christian deMise

Say One,
Say two, say three, say four,
Say five, say six, say seven,
Say eight, say nine, say ten,

Oh Beth, you've been interred for quite some time,
And I miss the days that I could call you mine,
So I bought a shovel and a length of chain,
To unearth you and to love you once again,
But in a day or two when your mother knows
That I disturbed your sweet repose,
She's come a knock-knock-knockin' on my door,
She'll tell me that I'm misbehavin',
Diggin' up her daughter's grave, an'
I'll tell her just what I did it for

'Cause I promised to love you forever,
I told you I'd always be true,
I took a razor and carved your name so deep in my heart,
Oh Beth, you may be dead, but I still love you

So now you're laid out, naked, on my bed,
My hands caressing soft, pale, freezing flesh,
I grab your leg, and open you up wide,
As worms and beetles scurry from inside,
I lube it up and slide it in,
With maggots chewing on my skin,
A few more thrusts before my penis blows,
My cock is covered with insects,
And oh, Beth, your gash is dripping wet,
But mainly 'cause your slightly decomposed


Last night your mama came, took you away,
"You'll no longer defile my girl" was all she had to say,
So today I'm at the church and wearin' black,
Oh Beth, my love, I've got a plan to get you back,
Said I'm sick to death of masturbation
So I'm sitting here at your cremation,
I've just got to make sure that I don't get seen,
I grabbed your urn with no one looking,
Switched your ash with crumbled cookies,
Now I'll take you home to mix with vaseline


I still love you, I still love you
I still love you... (x3)


from Renovabis Faciem Terrae, released October 13, 2008



all rights reserved


The Satans Toronto, Ontario

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