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Lyrics by Chapel Ruin & Christian deMise

Can you see me comin',
Hear me roar, I am a flood,
Oh my heart is drummin',
As I ride I'll spill your blood,
When my Magnum's dry
I'll see you face down in the mud, yeah

My Camaro is a hummin'
With my whitewalls sprayin' foam,
Oh the smell of burnin' rubber
And the blinding glare of chrome,
Oh don't go out tonight,
Stay safe and warm at home, yeah

(1st Chorus)
Run motherfucker, run motherfucker, yes,
I'm a-drinkin' gasoline, and smokin' broken glass,
Don't go out tonight, I'll put a cap in your fucking ass
I said watch your back

(2nd Chorus)
Surf's up, motherfucker, hear the thunder crack,
With a clickety-click I pull my hammer back,
I'm gonna ride this wave until the day I die,
When the cops catch me I know I won't survive,
I'm gonna ride this tsunami straight to hell,
When my bullets fly, you'll hear me yell
Surf's up motherfucker, surf's up


I'm a-drivin' at the speed of sound, I am a sonic boom,
I've been swearin' and a-fuckin' since I came out of the womb,
With a spray of blood, I'll let my gun spell out your doom,

I fucked a young girl 'til the friction set her ablaze,
Then I extinguished her with the bucket-full of jism that I sprayed,
Yeah I know it sound bad, but 14 is the legal age

(1st Chorus)

(2nd Chorus)


from Renovabis Faciem Terrae, released October 13, 2008



all rights reserved


The Satans Toronto, Ontario

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